Boilermaking is a professional specialty of mechanical manufacturing whose main function is the construction of tanks suitable for the storage and transport of solids in the form of grains or aggregates, liquids and gas; as well as all types of shipbuilding and metal structures.

Still in provisional figures, the sector of advanced manufacturing and digital and machine tools has closed the year 2018 with an increase in turnover of 2.4% compared to the year 2017, reaching 1,742 million euros.

What is industrial boilermaking

Industrial boilermaking belongs to an industry sector that is in great demand. There are many elements that can be obtained through a set of systems that allow the construction of resistant elements. These elements have the objective, on the one hand, to withstand even in the most demanding situations, and on the other hand to guarantee maximum durability.

To be able to work with the metal in an industrial boilermaking company it is necessary to have all kinds of heavy machinery. This heavy machinery includes the machines from which we will be able to cut the sheet according to our needs, up to the presses in which stamping can be made and the same sheet can be cut. In order to accurately bend and shape the sheet, we need roller machines with different characteristics, as well as welding machines that can be either manual or automatic. And we also highlight the cutting torches that will normally be used to feed oxygen, acetylene or propane. These are some of the essential machines that we will find in any type of industrial boilermaking.

All these processes require a very specific review, so that for example, X-rays and ultrasounds are usually used in order to verify that the welds and materials are in perfect condition before continuing with the process . Before making it available to the customer, it is necessary to guarantee maximum strength and top quality finishes.