Machine protections are very common in any type of manufacturing environment. These protections are designed to protect their operators and other employees from the potential impacts of ejected material or broken tools and also to protect the product from contamination generated during production processes.

Production and design of fairings

It is also easy to assemble and disassemble, it has a modular system and is easily accessible inside the machine. Visibility (all parts of the machine are visible from the outside). It has a resistance and durability, by the use of quality materials.

We manufacture fairings for all types of machines: machining centers, milling machines, gliders, grinders, lathes, presses, etc.

The fairings protect the user from: chips, particles from parts, emulsions and noise from the machine. They leave their environment clean of oil, taladrina or chips.

The aim is to link the concept of security with the sense of aesthetics, always with the agreement of the client. We plan tailored solutions for each case that requires or develop from the design or sketch designed by the customer.

Telescopic protections

Our company is specialized in the manufacture of telescopic protections. Manufactures customized protections, according to the needs of each client, in this way to meet any need for protection, without design or dimensions limit.